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So, What are we doing?

Posted by possumtailfarm on June 11, 2018


Sooooo, what are we doing?

  • Beef!   We are still raising fabulous beef. You can get some for yourself by emailing, calling or visiting our on-line store. *

  • Community!  We have the time to give back to our community.  Jennie is spearheading a project to build raised garden beds for the elderly residents of a local HUD section 8 apartment residence.  Read more about the Parkside Resident Garden garden project here.

  • Family! Brian is helping coach Aden’s T-ball team this year.  He was rarely even able to attend games in the past. We are collaborating with our kids more on family matters and scheduling family fun.   

  • Planning!  Putting the cart back behind the horse.  We have TIME to PLAN. Just this week Brian has brainstormed a more efficient way to move our cattle around the farm to improve pasture utilization and increase our peace of mind.

  • Heart! We are taking time to cultivate our lost loves of art, music and dance.

* We now offer both local pick-up and local delivery (to homes and offices in certain zip codes).

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